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An update as to what the band has been up to. We have spent the last few months writing new music and also taken this time to rewrite some of our old tunes too, to fit our evolving sound. We’ve also hit the studio and been recording. Those of you who have caught us live in the few live shows we have done this year might have heard one of the new songs called “Scream 4 Me.”

We’ve got plans in motion do to some cool events this October, which we’ll announce once they are solidified.

As we continue writing and recording we’d like to hear from you. Feel free to LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE or COMMENT on any of our social media.


We’ve been putting down guitar tracks and slowly having songs evolve as we record them. Got a few new ones too that haven’t been played live yet.

Hope everyone had a good New Years and we look forward to seeing you through our 2014.

Studio Update

Recording is finished and we updated the look of the site. We hope you like it because it’s a taste of the upcoming E.P.’s cover art. Stay tuned to find out where you can download the songs.