Classics VS Classics Vol. 3 is HERE!

Hey boils and ghouls…
Don’t forget to download our contribution to the Classics Vs Classics Vol III album available now from Freedom Soundworks. You can hear our version of “Cry Little Sister” and “I Want It That Way” originally by G Tom Mac for The Lost Boys movie soundtrack and The Backstreet Boys respectively.

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Classics VS Classics Release Date, Amazicon & More

The wait is almost over!
August 31st, 2019 Discipline Theory’s version of the G Tom Mac classic “Cry Little Sister” from The Lost Boys movie soundtrack will be available on Classics Vs. Classics Vol III by Freedom Soundworks
“Now you know what we are. And now you know what you are. You’ll never grow old, Michael. And you’ll never die. But you must feed!” 

This November we will travel to Transylvania to perform at th… Wait, what!? I apologize. Pennsylvania!? Really?  OK… This November we will travel to Pennsylvania to perform at the after-party for: 

November 15-17, 2019.
76 Industrial Highway
Essington Pa. 19029

Meet us there and hang out with The Walking Monster, Supergirl (Monica Tulay Cosplay) and a whole bunch more cosplayers and creatures for a super fun time for the whole family!
Unfortunately, the after-party is 18yrs +.
More details to follow…

We also released a new version of our old song “Dirty Cycle.” Look for it on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes & more. The song will be on our upcoming release STIGMA, which we’re still in the middle of recording and plan to have out later this year. Keep an eye out as we put out more songs as we finish them.


Hello, kiddies!

Wanted to give you an update on what we’re doing, as recently we’ve been getting people asking when we’re playing live next. If you haven’t seen via our other social media accounts, we’ve been in the studio recording. We’ve laid down tracks for 2 cover songs over at Freedom Soundworks Studios for the “Classics VS. Classics Vol. 3” compilation CD.

After that, we’ll be recording a couple of our own songs as we’re planning on putting out an E.P. later this year. As we’re doing this we’re also working on new music.

To keep up with what we’re up to keep an eye on our Facebook & Instagram pages as that’s where we post more often. Join us there and remember to Like & Share our posts!